Foundation Training is a series of exercises designed to improve your posture while correcting degenerative movement patterns. They were developed by a chiropractor, Dr. Eric Goodman, specifically to help facilitate your body’s healing capability. Foundation Training teaches you to decompress and support your spine, while anchoring your lower body and pelvis, providing you with a solid platform for movement. These exercises are fantastic for all body types: young and old, those experiencing back pain and those looking to prevent it, Olympic athletes, body builders, and pre and postnatal mothers. The better you get at Foundation Training Exercises, the more muscles you will recruit, making the exercises more challenging.

What are you waiting for?

Are you ready to begin Foundation Training? Here you can find some quick, easy resources to begin improving your posture and firing up your posterior chain!

One of my favourite resources is Foundation Training Connect. You can purchase a lifetime membership online, giving you access to numerous workout videos. Even after completing the instructor certification, I use these videos regularly!

If you are craving more information, check out Dr. Eric Goodman’s book True To Form. It provides an excellent breakdown of what each exercise is working to accomplish in your body. Additionally, it gives you ideas on how to make the most of your training in your daily life!

There is even more information available on my blog:

If you are looking for a class, we host weekly Foundation Training classes at Main St. Chiropractic every Wednesday night at 6:30, and would love to see you there! Our classes are suitable for all levels, and all you need to bring is yourself! Contact Katie to reserve your spot.

If you have a workplace or group of friends/family who you would like to introduce to Foundation Training, please do not hesitate to contact me! I love to build community and spread spinal health.

Happy Training!